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Vanuatu is a Y-shaped archipelago consisting of about 83 relatively small islands. Of these, 65 are inhabited. The archipelago is of volcanic origin and most of the islands are steep, with rocky shorelines and fringing reefs.

The tiny island nation of Tuvalu is made up of 6 atolls and 3 reef islands. It sits mid-way between Australia and Hawaii with a total land area of just 26 km².

Tonga is made up of 169 islands, of which 36 are inhabited. These islands are are divided into 3 main groups – Vava’u, Ha’apai and Tongatapu. Tonga’s total land area is about 750 km².

Solomon Islands (commonly called ‘the Hapi Isles’) is situated approximately 2,000 kms northeast of Australia. It has a land mass of 28,400 km², extending over more than 900 islands.

Timor-Leste, previously known as East Timor, occupies the eastern half of the island of Timor. It shares a border with Nusa Tengara Timor. Australia is the country’s southern neighbour, separated by the Timor Sea. The country’s size is about 15,…

Samoa is a small archipelago in the centre of the South Pacific. It is made up of 4 inhabited islands and a number of smaller islands and outcrops. The 4 inhabited islands are Upolu, Savai’i, Manono and Apolima.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) features 4 distinct regions – Southern, New Guinea Islands, Highlands and Momase – and 22 provinces.

Nauru is one of the world’s smallest independent states with a total land area of 21 km2 . It is located in the Pacific Ocean, 42 km south of the equator and 3,350 km northeast of Brisbane.

Kiribati (pronounced Kir-i-bas) is made up of 32 coral atolls and the raised phosphate island of Banaba. Kiribati’s atolls cover a total 811 km² of land distributed over 3.5 million km² of ocean – an area the size of Western Australia and South…

Fiji consists of more than 330 islands, of which about 100 are inhabited. The 2 major islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The island group covers a land area of 18,274 km².

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