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Current employers

This page contains a list of businesses that are approved to participate in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme. 

Direct employers source workers for their own organisation. Labour hire companies and contractor businesses will be able to source workers for you to support your business needs.

StateOrganisation nameOther organisation nameCompany typeContact details
SA4 Ways Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWA Cirignano & A Cirignano Direct employer 
WAAAA Egg Company Pty LtdAAA Egg CompanyDirect employer 
WAAbacus Fisheries Company Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WAAcadia Farms Pty LtdPink Diamond ProduceDirect employer 
NSWACAR Company Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWAction Workforce Pty LtdAction WorkforceLabour hire 
NTADCO Holdings Pty LtdThe Job ShopLabour hire 
QLDAddex Group Pty LtdADDEX GROUPLabour hirePhone: (+61 400 684 543) email: (
SAAgriExchange Pty Ltd Labour hire 
WAAGRIFresh Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICAGRIKAL Pty LtdKalafatis Fresh ProduceDirect employer 
QLDAgri-Labour Australia Pty Ltd Labour hire 
VICAhmadi Orchard Management Pty LtdAhmadi Orchard Management Pty LtdLabour hire 
QLDAkers Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICAllendale Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICAME Systems (VIC) Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWAnt Packaging Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICApex Labour Hire Services Pty LtdApex Labour Hire Services Pty LtdLabour hire 
VICAPG Hire Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWApollo Care Operations Pty LimitedApollo Care Pty LtdDirect employerEmail: (
QLDArubial Pty LtdLillyvale FeedlotDirect employer 
QLDAshbern Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICASPACT Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWAttunga Camps and Conferences Inc. Direct employer 
NSWAussie-Grains Pty LtdHE Silos ForbesDirect employer 
NSWAustralia Backpacker Central Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWAustralian Architectural Hardwoods Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICAustralian Eatwell Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SAAustralian Fishing Enterprises Pty LtdAustralian Fishing Enterprises Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICAustralian Lamb (Colac) Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDAustralian National Pickers Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NTAustralian Regional and Remote Community Services Limited Direct employer 
VICAustralian Seasonal Workers Pty Ltd Labour hire 
VICAW Steicke Family TrustAW Steike & Sons Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDAWX Labour Pty LtdAWX Labour Pty LtdLabour hire 
QLDAWX Pty LtdAWX Pty LtdLabour hire 
TASB & JL PopowskiB & JL PopowskiDirect employer 
QLDB.H.T Bundy Pty LtdB.H.T Bundy Pty LtdLabour hire 
WABamess Orchard Pty LtdBamess FarmsDirect employer 
QLDBarama Investments Pty LtdBarama Investments Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICBarnhouse Group Pty LtdHara House previously 'Ovens Valley Motor Inn'Direct employer 
NSWBarrie Arnold Pty LtdBarrie Arnold Pty LtdDirect employer 
SABarunga Village Inc Direct employer 
NSWBE Campbell Services Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WABeacon Minerals Limited Direct employer 
QLDBeekeeping Australia Pty Ltd as The Trustee for The Beekeeping Australia TrustBeekeeping AustraliaDirect employer 
NSWBen Furney Flour Mills Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASBerried In Tas Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDBerries Rock Pty LtdBerries RockDirect employer 
QLDBerry North Pty LtdBerry NorthDirect employer 
QLDBerry Picker Australia Pty Ltd Labour hire 
VICBerwick Speedy Seedlings & Supplies Pty LtdBerwick Speedy Seedlings & Supplies Pty LtdDirect employer 
WABG & BC Spackman Family TrustGulliver's TavernDirect employer 
QLDBioGiene Services Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWBiteriot Operations Pty LtdBiteriot Operations Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDBlack River Produce Pty. Ltd. Direct employer 
VICBlazing Labour Pty LtdBlazing Labour Pty LtdLabour hire 
WABlue Hat Group Pty LtdDamel Cleaning ServicesDirect employer 
VICBoratto Farms Pty LtdBoratto FarmsDirect employer 
SABoylan Oysters Pty. Ltd.Boylan Oysters Pty. Ltd. as Trustee for the Boylan Oyster TrustDirect employer 
NSWBrian Freeman Vineyard Consulting Pty LtdFreeman VineyardsDirect employer 
QLDBrockfield Enterprises Pty LtdChilders Backpackers MotelLabour hire 
VICBulmer Farms Pty LtdBulmer FarmsDirect employer 
QLDBundaberg Sugar Ltd Direct employer 
TASBurlington Berries Pty LtdBurlington Berries Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWBushland Health Group Limited Direct employer 
QLDC & B M Rizzato Pty LtdCore Fresh ProduceDirect employer 
QLDCaamano Services Pty LtdCaamano FarmsDirect employer 
NSWCaesars Employment Services Pty LtdCaesars Employment Services Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDCanex Resources Pty Ltd Labour hire 
SACareer Employment Group IncCareer Employment Group IncLabour hire 
NTCarers NT Direct employer 
NSWCaringa Australia LimitedCaringa AustraliaDirect employer 
WACarnarvon Regional Labour Hire Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NTCarpentaria Disability Services Ltd Direct employer 
WACastro Orchards Pty LtdDelroy OrchardsLabour hire 
QLDCentral & Upper Burnett District Home for the Aged Direct employer 
SACeravolo Orchards Pty LtdCeravolo Orchards Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDChicken Enterprises Queensland Pty LtdChicken Enterprises Queensland Pty LtdDirect employerPhone: (+61 412 149 209) email: (
VICChocolates on Your Pillow Pty LtdExact Labour HireLabour hirePhone: (03 8672 7807) email: (
NSWClarence Village Limited Direct employer 
QLDClaudarah Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WACMS No 2 Pty LtdLanding ResortDirect employer 
NSWCoastal Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SACORESTAFF TAS Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWCostaExchange Pty LtdCosta (Berry Category), Berry Exchange, Berryexchange, Tumbarumba Blueberries, Blueberry Farms Of AUDirect employer 
NSWCowl Cowl Management Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWCowra Meat Processors Pty Limited Direct employer 
QLDCR & C Kiehne Pty LtdCR & C Kiehne Pty LtdLabour hire 
NTCraft Beer Australia Pty LtdThe Precinct Tavern Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICCrewe Sharp Pty LtdCrewe Sharp Nursing AgencyLabour hire 
QLDCSIDE Cairns Pty LtdGreat Barrier Reef TunaDirect employer 
QLDCTR Banana Group Pty LtdCTR Banana Group Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWCumberland Resort and Spa Pty LtdCumberland Resort and SpaDirect employer 
VICCupello Produce Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICCutri Fruit Trusco Pty Ltd as trustee for the Cutri Fruit Operations TrustCutri FruitDirect employer 
QLDCypress Employment Services Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWCypress View Lodge LimitedCypress View LodgeDirect employer 
NSWD & G Labour Pty LtdD & G LabourLabour hire 
QLDDaintree Fresh Pty LtdDaintree Fresh Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDDale and Meyers Operations Pty LtdDale and Meyers Operations Pty LtdDirect employer 
NTDarwin Fruit Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICDastran Pty LtdDastran Trust No 2Direct employer 
VICDavoli Farms & Co Pty LtdR & R Davoli Family Trust ATF Davoli Farms & Co Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWDesert Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDDi Carlo Farming Pty LtdDi Carlo FarmingDirect employer 
VICDiamond Valley Pork Pty Ltd Direct employerEmail: (
QLDDirect Personnel Services Pty Ltd Labour hire 
VICDL Bombaci & FS BombaciDL Bombaci (Deep Creek Organics)Labour hire 
WADongara Marine Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWDPG Services Pty LtdOpal HealthcareDirect employer 
NSWEagle Outdoors Group Pty LtdUltimate Off Road CampersDirect employer 
NTEast Arnhem Real Estate Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NTEast Arnhem Regional CouncilEast Arnhem Regional CouncilDirect employer 
NSWEast West Exotic Fruits Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICEasy Pickings Australia Pty LtdEasy PickingsLabour hire 
NTEdelmanian Enterprises Pty LtdKFC Alice SpringsDirect employer 
VICElite Produce Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDEP Strawberries Pty LtdEP Strawberries Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWEpona Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWEurofarm (NSW) Pty LtdEurofarmDirect employer 
NSWEustonia Farm Management Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWEverest Harvesting Group Pty Ltd Labour hire 
VICF.J. Lenne Pty LtdPlunkett OrchardsDirect employer 
NSWFamily Fresh Farms Pty LtdFamily Fresh Farms Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDFarmgate Backpackers Pty LtdFarmgate Backpackers Pty LtdLabour hire 
NSWFarrugia Farm Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWFinley Regional Care Ltd Direct employer 
QLDFiorito Pty LtdFiorito Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAFitzroy River Lodge Pty LtdFitzroy River LodgeDirect employer 
VICFive-Ways Flowers Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICFlavorite Hydroponic Tomatoes Pty LtdFlavorite Hydroponic Tomatoes Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWFletcher International Exports Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDFresh Choice Pty LtdKoala FarmsDirect employer 
QLDFresh Meats Wises Road Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDFresh Yellow Pty LtdFresh YellowDirect employer 
WAFreshwater Quality Management Pty LtdFreshwater Quality Management Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAFruitico Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICFS People Pty LtdFS People Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAG & C McKay Holdings Pty LtdLakeview LodgeDirect employer 
NSWG.H & C XerriGrazio & Cettina XerriDirect employer 
NSWGeelong Leather Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDGen2 Farming Pty LtdGen2 Farming Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICGervasi Farming Group Pty LtdGervasi Farming Group Pty LtdDirect employer 
NTGFH Enterprises Pty LtdHumpty Doo HostelLabour hire 
SAGillainey Packing Pty LtdGillainey Packing Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAGilmac Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASGlendevie Orchards Pty LtdGlendevie OrchardsDirect employer 
VICGlennbran Pty LtdWhitetipDirect employer 
QLDGlobal Harvesting Pty LtdGlobal Harvesting Pty LtdLabour hire 
NSWGoldfield Honey Australia Pty LtdGoldfields Honey Bee & Pollination Services Pty LtdDirect employer 
ACTGoodwin Aged Care Services Limited - Crace Direct employer 
NTGove and Beyond Pty LtdWalkabout Lodge & TavernDirect employer 
NSWGrant Bloodstock Pty LtdGrant Bloodstock Pty LimitedDirect employer 
VICGrape Co Farms Pty Ltd as The Trustee for A & F Caia Family TrustGrapeCo AustraliaDirect employer 
VICGrapeland Pty LtdGrapeland Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAGray Australia Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Gray Family TrustCeres FarmDirect employer 
NSWGrech Farm Trading Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICGreenham Gippsland Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASGreenham Tasmania Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDGreenmountain Food Processing Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDH Randhawa & P RandhawaFar North BananasDirect employer 
VICH.W Greenham and Sons Pty Ltd  Direct employer  
QLDHaidary Harvesting Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWHale Community Support Labour hire 
QLDHamilton Island Enterprises Limited Direct employer 
NSWHammondCare Direct employer 
NSWHarbison Memorial Retirement VillageHarbisoncareDirect employer 
QLDHarvest Hands Labour Pty LtdGraceKate FarmsLabour hire 
VICHarvest Minders Pty LtdHarvest Minders Pty LtdLabour hire 
WAHarvey Citrus Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WAHarvey Industries Group Pty LtdHarvey BeefDirect employer 
WAHaybar Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDHealth Plus People Pty LtdHealth+ People Pty LtdLabour hire 
QLDHealthX Group Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWHilltop Meats Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASHillwood Farm Services Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDHorsford Farming Group Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDHowe Farming Enterprises Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICHussey & Co Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WAHyde Park Management LimitedCable Beach ClubDirect employer 
VICI and J Box Pty LtdLabertouche Agricultural SolutionsDirect employer 
VICI Cricelli & M.R Cricelli Direct employer 
QLDiComply Horticultural Compliance Specialists Pty Limited Labour hire 
NSWIllawarra Retirement TrustIRT GroupDirect employer 
QLDInglewood Poultry Farm Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NTInvestNorth Pty LtdDouble Tree by Hilton Alice SpringsDirect employer 
QLDIronbark Citrus Pty LtdIronbark CitrusDirect employer 
WAIronbark WA Pty LtdParaburdoo HotelDirect employer 
NSWIronwood Taree Pty LtdIronwood AustraliaDirect employer 
WAJ & L Hirst Pty LtdJMH Group WADirect employer 
QLDJackwitz Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDJah Farming Pty LtdJah Farming Pty LtdDirect employer 
NTJape Furniture Pty. LimitedJape Furnishing SuperstoreDirect employer 
QLDJapoonvale Golden Bananas Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDJBS Australia Pty Limited Direct employerEmail: (
QLDJean-Pierre Patisserie Pty LimitedJean-Pierre Artisan BakeryDirect employer 
WAJM Chinnery & TA ChinneryJM & TA ChinneryDirect employer 
NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, TAS Jobs Australia Enterprises LtdSpeedie Staff Solutions Labour hirePhone: (0447 429 033) email: (
NSWJonima Pty LtdJonima FlowersDirect employer 
NSWJS & NK Ghuman Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NTK Food Land Pty LtdNitmiluk Hotel, Captain Jack's FoodDirect employer 
QLDK&S Contracting (QLD) Pty LtdK&S Contracting (QLD) Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDKalfa Pty LtdKalfa BananasDirect employer 
QLDKalfresh Management Services Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICKare One Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICKatunga Fresh Trading Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDKBRV Resort Operations Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICKeeghan Enterprises Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WAKestrel Cleaning Services & Supplies Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDKilcoy Pastoral Company LtdKilcoy Global Foods AustraliaDirect employer 
WAKimberley Accommodation (East) Pty LtdKimberley Accommodation (East) Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAKimberley Accommodation (West) Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWKimberley Asparagus Pty LtdKimberley Asparagus Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDKing Producers Management Team Pty LtdKing Producers Management Team Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDKIPIR Enterprises Pty LtdSimple Solutions Disability Support ServicesDirect employer 
WAKochii Eucalyptus Oil Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWKoonambil Aged Care Ltd Direct employer 
NSWKotzur Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDKyshan Pty LtdTop of the CropLabour hire 
QLDLabour Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWLachlan's Reach Pty LtdSnow Goose HotelDirect employer 
TASLeft Field Group Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWLeppington Speedy Seedlings And Supplies Ltd Direct employer 
NSWLilliput Seed & Grain Pty LtdBaker Seed CoDirect employer 
QLDLJ & JVA Holdings Pty LtdRoshni Indian Restaurant & TakeawayDirect employer 
WALJM Produce Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWLLAN Investments Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDLMB Farming Admin Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SALobethal Abattoirs Pty LtdThomas Foods InternationalDirect employer 
NSWLoris H Hassall Trading Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASLucaston Park Orchards Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDLuscious Citrus Pty LtdLuscious CitrusDirect employer 
QLDM & B Zecchinati Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICM & C F SilversteinSilver OrchardsLabour hire 
NSWM.H. & S.M. Smart Pty. Ltd. Direct employer 
WAMackerel Islands Pty LtdOnslow Beach ResortDirect employer 
VICMacorna Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICMADEC Australia Limited Labour hire 
QLDManbulloo Management Pty LtdManbulloo Management Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDMantra Hospitality Admin Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDMarmac Produce Pty LtdMount Isa Pets and ProduceDirect employer 
WAMastervine Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDMBL Bananas Pty LtdMBL Bananas As Trustee For Lizzio MBL TrustDirect employer 
QLDMcCrystal Agricultural Services Pty Ltd Labour hire 
WAMDM Karratha Pty LtdChicken Treat KarrathaDirect employer 
QLDMegadeen Farming Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWMercy Services Direct employer 
VICMidfield Meat International Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICMJ & AL Cox Pty LtdMitchell Valley GrowersDirect employer 
QLDMoffatt Fresh Produce Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICMomack Produce Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWMossmont Nurseries Direct employer 
NSWMountain Blue Farms (Labour Hire) Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWMQ Griffith Pty Ltd Direct employer

Phone: (+61 412 149 209) email: (

QLDMuhan Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDMulpha Hotels Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASMurrakei Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDN Singh Pty Ltd Labour hirePhone: (+61 474 959 599) email: (
VICNagambie Farm Services Pty LtdTD & GJ Harvey Family TrustLabour hire 
NSWNarasell Pty LtdJunee Prime LambDirect employer 
NTNC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDNephin Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDNerada Services Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WANewton Orchards Labour Solutions Pty LtdNewton Bros (Norle Nominees Pty Ltd)Direct employer 
QLDNolan Meats Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDNorth Queensland Fresh Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWNorthern Co-Operative Meat Company Limited Direct employerEmail: ( or (
SANorthern Interests Pty Ltd ATF Northern Interests Trust Direct employer 
QLDNovacott Downs Pty LtdNovacott Downs Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDNucifora Stocker Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWNVC Group Limited Direct employer 
WAOasis Newman Operations Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDOntario Mangoes Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDOwen Pacific Workforce Pty LtdOwen Pacific WorkforceLabour hirePhone: (+61 428 720 199) email: (
NSWOz Group Co-Op Limited Labour hire 
QLDOzPlanting Pty LtdOz PlantingLabour hire 
QLDP & M Williams Enterprises (N.Q.) Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SAP L L Contractors Pty LtdP L L Contractors Pty LtdLabour hire 
SAP.R.A. Electrical Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDPace Farming Pty LtdPace Farming Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDPacific Farm Contracting Pty LtdPacific Farm Contracting Pty LtdLabour hire 
NSWPannu & Sons Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDParaclipse Investments Pty LtdParaclipse Investments Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDParkside Holdings Pty Ltd. Direct employer 
QLDParkside Milling Pty LtdParkside SawmillDirect employer 
WAPatane Produce (WA) Pty LtdPatane ProduceDirect employer 
SAPickers & Pruners Labour Hire Pty LtdPickers & Pruners Labour Hire Pty LtdLabour hirePhone (+61 404 483 797) email: (
QLDPierre Properties Pty LtdCactus JacksDirect employer 
QLDPinata Farms Pty Ltd & OthersPinata Marketing Australia PartnershipDirect employer 
NSWPinnacle Shearing Pty LtdPinnacle Shearing Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDPJ & AM Morgan Pty LtdPJ & AM Morgan Pty LtdLabour hire 
NSWPlantGrowPick Pty LtdPlantgrowpick Pty LtdLabour hire 
QLDPosnana Pty LtdPosma BananasDirect employer 
NSWPrasad Management Pty LtdPrasad Management Pty LtdLabour hire 
VICPremier Fresh Australia Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDPrestige Packing Company Pty LtdPrestige Packing Company Pty LtdLabour hire 
NSWPrimary Harvest Pty LtdPrimary Harvest Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDPrimo Foods Pty Ltd Direct employerEmail: (
NSWProspect Farm Accommodation Pty LtdProspect Hill AccommodationDirect employer 
NSWPulse Staffing Australia Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDQuebec Citrus Pty LtdQuebec CitrusDirect employer 
QLDQueensland Berries Employment Pty Ltd Labour hire 
WAQuintis Forestry Pty Ltd Direct employer 
TASR & R Smith Pty LtdR & R SmithDirect employer 
VICR.J Cua & N Cua Direct employer 
WAR.J. Agricultural Services Pty LtdR.J. Agricultural Services (RaiTech)Direct employer 
VICRaffa Fields Pty LtdRaffa Fields Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICRalphs Meat Company Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WARambla Bar Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDRapha (QLD) Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWRed Dirt Melons (Australia) Pty LimitedRed Dirt Melons (Australia) Pty LimitedDirect employer 
QLDRedlea Citrus Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDRegional Workforce Management Pty LtdRegional Workforce Management Pty LtdLabour hire 
TASRespect Group Ltd Direct employer 
SARidenti Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWRivalea Australia Pty LtdRivalea AustraliaDirect employerEmail: (
QLDRiver Fresh Pty LtdRiver Fresh Pty LtdLabour hire 
SARiverland Labour Hire Pty Ltd Labour hire 
VICRiviera Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDRizzco Services Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDRobertson Flower Farm Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDRock Ridge Farming Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICRoger A & Lynda D & Matthew R LenneCalimna OrchardDirect employer 
NSWRombola Family Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDRoth Rural Enterprises Pty LtdRoth Rural EnterprisesDirect employer 
NSWRoyal Freemasons Benevolent InstitutionRoyal Freemasons Benevolent InstitutionDirect employer 
QLDRSL Care RDNS LimitedBolton ClarkeDirect employer 
QLDRugby Employment Pty LtdRugby Employment Pty LtdDirect employer 
WARural Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDRushel Labour Pty LtdRushel Labour Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDRussell River Packing Pty LtdM & H Buchanan Farming GroupDirect employer 
VICSam Romeo Contracting Pty LtdSam Romeo Contracting Pty LtdLabour hire 
QLDSandhu Bajwa Bananas Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICSanikleen Group Australia Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWSB Tasmania Pty LtdSB Tasmania Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAScalvino Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NTSea Dragon (NT) Pty LtdWharf One Food & WineDirect employer 
WASearange Holdings Pty LtdFreemasons Hotel GeraldtonDirect employer 
VICSeeds2crop Pty LtdSeeds2CropLabour hire 
VICSeeka Australia Pty LtdSeeka Australia Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDSerra Farming Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICSeven Fields Pty LtdSeven Fields Pty LtdDirect employer 
SASeven Point Pork Pty Limited Direct employerEmail: (
NSWSimfresh Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDSimon Farms Pty LtdSimon FarmsDirect employer 
NSWSinclairs Accommodation Group Pty LtdUlladulla MotelDirect employer 
QLDSkybury Coffee Pty LtdSkybury Coffee Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWSmart Berries Mundubbera Pty LtdSmart Berries Mundubbera Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWSouthern Cross Care (NSW & ACT) Limited Direct employer 
QLDSouthern Cross Care (QLD) Ltd Direct employer 
NSWSouthern Meats Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWSovereign Mushrooms Pty LtdSovereign MushroomsDirect employer 
QLDSpick & Span Commercial Property Maintenance Pty LtdSpick & Span Commercial Property Maintenance Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDSrhoj Farming Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWSt Agnes' Care & LifestyleSt Agnes' Care & LifestyleDirect employer 
QLDStartswork Pty LtdStartsworkLabour hire 
NTSterling NT Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDStrawberry Time Pty LtdStrawberry Time Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWStripes Engineering Services Pty LtdStripes Engineering Services Pty LtdDirect employer 
NTSuena Mangoes Pty LtdSuena Mangoes Pty LimitedDirect employer 
QLDSunny Daze Pty LtdBare Essentials Quality VegetablesDirect employer 
QLDSunray Farming Queensland Pty LtdSunray Farming Queensland Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDSunset Farming Company Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WASunsweet Investments Pty LtdSunsweet Investments Pty LtdDirect employer 
TASSuper Jay Pty LtdSuper Jay Labour HireLabour hire 
NSWSuper Seasons Pty LtdSuper Seasons Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDSuperior Production Company Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWSurfnSand Pty LtdSurfnSand Pty LtdLabour hire 
WASW Labour Solutions Pty Ltd Labour hire/ Direct employer  
QLDSwicker's Kingaroy Bacon Factory Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WAT & C Do and Son Pty LtdT & C Do and Son Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDT & F Poultry Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDTabro Meat Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWTallogum Raspberries Pty LtdTallogum Raspberries Pty LtdDirect employer 
TASTasmanian Berries Pty Ltd Labour hire 
TASTasmanian Quality Meats Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDTerranova Farming Co Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDTeys Australia Beenleigh Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDTeys Australia Biloela Pty LtdTeys Australia BiloelaDirect employer 
QLDTeys Australia Central Queensland Pty LtdTeys Australia RockhamptonDirect employer 
QLDTeys Australia Condamine Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SATeys Australia Naracoorte Pty LtdTeys Australia NaracoorteDirect employer 
NSWTeys Australia Southern Pty LtdTeys Australia Wagga WaggaDirect employer 
QLDThe Society for the Mount Isa Memorial Garden Settlement for the AgedThe Laura Johnson Home For The AgedDirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for Ajit Singh Gill Family TrustThe Trustee for Ajit Singh Gill Family TrustDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Andrew Lerch Family TrustLerch FarmsDirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for Benning Family TrustBenning BerriesDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for BRM Discretionary TrustB&R Poultry ServicesDirect employer 
QLDThe trustee for Bull Yard Holdings Unit TrustBYH RuralDirect employer 
TASThe Trustee for CR Hansen Family Trust No2Hansen OrchardsDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Craig Meyer Family Trust888 Citrus Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for Croker Bros TrustCroker Bros Honey Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Elliott Family Trust Direct employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Envirofresh Unit Trust Direct employer 
NSWThe Trustee for Estens TrustVitonga Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for Famiglia Briganti TrustBriganti FarmsLabour hire 
QLDThe Trustee for Farmers Workforce Australia TrustTop Of The Crop Labour HireLabour hire 
WAThe Trustee for Fiore Family TrustLD TotalDirect employer 
WAThe Trustee for Fletcher Unit TrustFletchers International WADirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for Foyster Unit TrustAussie Orchards Growers and PackersDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Golden Banana Services TrustGolden Banana Services Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee For Injune Cypress Unit TrustInjune CypressDirect employer 
WAThe Trustee for Janna Family TrustJanna Family TrustDirect employer 
WAThe Trustee for Karratha International Hotel TrustKarratha International HotelDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for Midwest Rural Services Unit TrustMidwest Rural Services Pty LtdLabour hire 
VICThe Trustee for Motta Produce Family TrustMotta Produce Pty LtdDirect employer 
SAThe Trustee for Pitchford Produce TrustPitchford ProduceDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Rapisarda Unit TrustRapisarda Farms Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for Russo Family TrustMarlin Blue Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for S & B Cini Family TrustKarden (Qld) Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for SCF Unit TrustSouthern Cross Farms OperationsDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for Suvarnabhoomi Discretionary TrustSuvarnabhoomi Pty Ltd (Orchard Tech)Labour hire 
SAThe Trustee for T Muso & Co TrustT. Muso & CoDirect employer 
NTThe Trustee for Territory Rent-A-Car Unit TrustTerritory Rent a Car Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for the Angus Family TrustAngus Nominees Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for the B & S Devaney Family TrustBartle Frere Bananas Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAThe Trustee for the Borrello Family TrustDown to Earth AgribusinessLabour hire 
WAThe Trustee for the Casotti Enterprises TrustCasuarina Valley OrchardDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for the Catelan Family TrustCatelan FarmingDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for the Cheelonga Farming TrustCheelonga Farming Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for The Connect Group Unit TrustConnect Group Pty LtdLabour hireEmail: (
WAThe Trustee for the Fitzroy Crossing TrustLeedal Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for The Golden Mile Unit TrustGolden Mile No.1Direct employer 
SAThe Trustee for the Ingerson Family TrustIngerson Citrus Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for The J T & P Moon Discretionary TrustGillebri Cotton Co Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for the Jade Clymo Family TrustCalmo FarmsDirect employer 
VICThe Trustee for the Mazza Farming TrustParamount Farms Australia Pty LtdDirect employer 
TASThe Trustee for The Mountford TrustMountford BerriesLabour hire 
QLDThe Trustee for the Norman Wallis Family TrustAuburnvale CitrusDirect employer 
WAThe Trustee for the Quito Unit TrustBenara NurseriesDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for The R & M Patane Family TrustNorth Queensland Golden FruitDirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for The Rinaland Management TrustRinalandDirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for The Salvation Army (NSW) Property Trust Direct employer 
NSWThe Trustee for The Salvation Army (QLD) Property Trust Direct employer 
QLDThe Trustee for The Spagnolo Family TrustThe Spagnolo Family TrustDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for The Spotswood Family TrustMt Alma FarmingDirect employer 
WAThe trustee for The Vino Investment TrustVino Investments Pty LtdDirect employer 
NSWThe Trustee for the Warman Family TrustGolden Drop Honey Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDThe Trustee for the Willing Workers TrustWilling Workers Pty LtdLabour hire 
QLDThe Trustee for Waitarere TrustKureen Farming, Bella CoffeeLabour hire 
WAThe Trustee for Wellplaced Investment TrustChicken Treat BroomeDirect employer 
WAThe Trustee for Wintersun Trading TrustWintersun Caravan and Tourist Park Pty LtdDirect employer 
SAThomas Foods International Bourke Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SAThomas Foods International Murray Bridge Pty LtdThomas Foods International Murray Bridge Pty LtdDirect employer 
VICThomas Foods International Stawell Pty Limited Direct employer 
NSWThomas Foods International Tamworth Pty Ltd Direct employer 
WATI Horticultural Supplies Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDTiger Bananas Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICTodaro Group Pty LtdTodaro FarmsDirect employer 
QLDTorres Strait Trawling Company Pty LtdWestair Pty LtdDirect employer 
WATosum Pty LtdCapogreco FarmsDirect employer 
QLDTotorica Brothers Pty LtdTotorica Brothers Pty LtdDirect employer 
NTTou's Garden Pty LtdTou's GardenDirect employer 
NSWTreviso Farm Management Pty LtdFPG Farm Management Pty LimitedDirect employer 
NSWTrimech Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDTrustee for the G&L Maggiolo Family TrustSunstate FruitsDirect employer 
NSWTrustees Of The Roman Catholic Church For The Diocese Of Lismore (St Joseph's Aged Care Facility Lismore)St Joseph’s Nursing HomeDirect employer 
NSWTumut Grove Farm Management Pty LtdTumut Grove Farm Management Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDTWM (Aust) Pty Ltd Labour hire 
QLDUlandra Pty LtdUlandra Pty LtdDirect employer 
WAUniting Church Homes (Juniper)JuniperDirect employerEmail: (
NSWUsinch Pty LtdE C Throsby Pty Ltd (Singleton)Direct employer 
VICVBA Farming Pty Limited Direct employer 
VICVernview Pty LtdVernview Pty LtdDirect employer 
QLDVJK Labour Solutions Pty LtdVJK Labour SolutionsDirect employer 
NTVoyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWWarrigal CareWarrigalDirect employer 
NSWWayne Ashfield Apiaries Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDWessel Petroleum Pty Ltd Direct employer 
QLDWestern Game Processing Pty Ltd Direct employer 
VICWhales Regional Workforce Pty Ltd Labour hire 
NSWWindridge Farms Pty Ltd Direct employer 
NSWWoodside Road Investments Pty LtdWoodside MarketingDirect employer 
WAZaldeesh Pty Ltd Direct employer 
SAZerella Holdings Pty Ltd Direct employer