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How to apply


The Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme gives Pacific island and Timor-Leste workers an opportunity access a range of short-term and long-term jobs in Australia through their governments' labour sending units (LSUs).

All workers can gain valuable skills, experience and income to take back to their families and communities.

To participate, workers will need to check their eligibility, contact their LSU and be able to obtain a valid visa.

How to apply in your country

Citizens of Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste who want to participate in the PALM scheme should contact their country’s LSU. Please see all the current contact details below.

You do not need to pay or give gifts to anyone to join the PALM scheme. If you have been offered a job in the PALM scheme, your employer will pay for your flights and some other costs up front so you can travel to Australia. You will need to gradually repay your employer for these costs once you start earning a wage.


Register your interest at your local National Employment Centre or email ( You can also call (+679 3303 500), (+679 9906 421) or (+679 892 5087).


Please email the Senior Labour Officer at the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources at (, (, ( or phone (+686 750 21068) or (+686 750 21018).


Please contact the Ministry of Labour by phone (+674 5561510) or email the LMU Director ( or Labour Mobility Coordinator (

Papua New Guinea

Please email ( or call (+675 313 3578). 


For more information, please contact the labour mobility unit by phone (+685 20 441) or by email (

Solomon Islands

Please contact the labour mobility unit for more information by phone on (+677 212 50), (+677 202 51), call the support service on (20452), email ( or visit the office at Ground Floor, Anthony Saru Building, Point Cruz.


For seasonal work opportunities please contact ( For longer-term work opportunities contact ( Otherwise, you can visit or for more information.


Please contact the Overseas Employment Division by phone on (+ 676 7401851 or +676 7401854) or by email on (


Please contact the Department of Labour, or email ( or (


For seasonal work opportunities please contact ( For longer-term work opportunities contact (