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Tebby from Kiribati working in an aged care facility in Bundanoon



Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) is made up of 32 low-lying atolls and the raised phosphate island of Banaba, straddling the equator in the Pacific Ocean.

Kiribati’s atolls cover a total 811 km2 of land distributed over 3.5 million km2 of ocean – an area the size of Western Australia and South Australia combined.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Kiribati

Kiribati country fact sheet

Why recruit workers from Kiribati?

I-Kiribati workers are experienced in the aged care, fisheries and maritime, hospitality and tourism and technology and business sectors, as well as a range of other industries.

I-Kiribati workers typically have good English and communication skills, and are known for their empathy and compassion, especially for the elderly.

Kiribati training institutes offer internationally recognised certificates and can customise training to suit employers' requests. This ensures workers arrive in Australia skilled and ready to start work.

How to recruit workers from Kiribati

To recruit workers from Kiribati under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, an Australian employer must be approved as a PALM scheme employer.

Alternatively, an employer may wish to engage workers through a PALM scheme approved labour hire company

Find out more about becoming a PALM scheme employer.

PALM scheme employers can recruit workers through the Kiribati Overseas Employment Unit work-ready pool. The unit is part of the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources.

To enquire about recruiting I-Kiribati workers, please email the Senior Labour Officer at the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources at ( or phone (+686 750 21068) or (+686 750 21018).

How to join the PALM scheme as a worker 

A Kiribati aged care worker with a resident at the Bolton Clarke facility in Longreach

Citizens of participating countries must apply to join the PALM scheme through the labour sending unit in their country.

If you are interested in applying, please email the Senior Labour Officer at the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources at ( or phone (+686 750 21068) or (+686 750 21018).

Candidates will receive training in English, be assessed as physically fit for the purpose, and receive a comprehensive pre-departure briefing before departing Kiribati.

You do not need to pay or give gifts to anyone to join the PALM scheme. If you have been offered a job in the PALM scheme, your employer will pay for your flights and some other costs up front so you can travel to Australia. You will need to gradually repay your employer for these costs once you start earning a wage.