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Fiji is an independent country lying on the border between the Polynesian and Melanesian regions of the Pacific.

Fiji consists of more than 330 islands, of which about 100 are inhabited. The 2 most populated islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The island group covers a land area of 18,274 km². 

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Fiji

Fiji country fact sheet

Why recruit workers from Fiji?

Workers from Fiji have a good understanding of Australian culture and are well suited to work in the agriculture, hospitality and tourism and meat processing sectors, as well as a range of other industries.

Fijian workers generally have excellent English language skills. Fiji has a strong education system with high-quality graduates.

How to recruit workers from Fiji

To recruit workers from Fiji under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, an Australian employer must be registered as a PALM scheme employer.

Alternatively, an employer may wish to engage workers through a PALM scheme approved labour hire company

Find out more about becoming a PALM scheme employer.

PALM scheme employers can recruit workers through Fiji’s National Employment Centre (NEC) work-ready pool.

For more information, please email the Manager for Foreign Employment Services, Ms Gaayetri Prasad, at the Fiji NEC via email ( or phone (+679 9239459).

How to join the PALM scheme as a worker 

Citizens of participating PALM scheme countries must apply to join through the labour sending unit in their country.

Fijian citizens can complete a registration form at an NEC office or registration event.

A Fijian worker in flourescent safety clothes picking oranges while wearing gloves and smiling into the camera

Candidates need to bring their CV, passport, birth certificate, referees and any relevant work/qualification/licence documentation.

Former seafarers should bring their official logbook detailing any service at sea over the past 10 years. 

Register your interest at your local NEC office or email ( You can also call (+679 3303 500), (+679 9906 421) or (+679 892 5087).

You do not need to pay or give gifts to anyone to join the PALM scheme. If you have been offered a job in the PALM scheme, your employer will pay for your flights and some other costs up front so you can travel to Australia. You will need to gradually repay your employer for these costs once you start earning a wage.