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A fisheries worker from Tuvalu with his catch



Tuvalu, one of the world's smallest independent nations, is made up of 9 low-lying coral atolls.

It has a total surface area of 26 km2 dispersed over 1.3 million km2 of the central Pacific. 

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Tuvalu

Factsheet: Tuvalu at a glance [PDF 3.7 MB]

Why recruit workers from Tuvalu?

Workers from Tuvalu are experienced in agriculture, horticulture, hospitality and tourism, and fisheries and maritime work.

Tuvaluan workers have a strong track record of working in labour mobility programs in both Australia and New Zealand.  

They have qualifications and skills across a range of industries relevant to Australian employers and are especially known throughout the world for their maritime skills. Thousands of Tuvaluans work abroad as seamen, cooks and marine engineers. 

How to recruit workers from Tuvalu

To recruit workers from Tuvalu under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme, an Australian employer must be registered as a Seasonal Worker Programme employer, Pacific Labour Scheme employer, or both. Otherwise, they must recruit workers through a labour hire firm or contractor that is a PALM scheme employer.

Find out more about becoming a PALM scheme employer.

PALM scheme employers can recruit workers through the Tuvalu Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labour. Contact the Department of Labour by phone on (+688 20117) or email at (

How to join the PALM scheme as a worker 

Tuvaluan forestry workers in Kingaroy, Queensland

Citizens of participating countries must apply to join the PALM scheme through the labour sending unit in their country.

Citizens of Tuvalu should contact the Tuvalu Department of Labour by email at (

No payments or gifts are required to join the PALM scheme. Costs may be incurred for flights and other expenses once successful applicants have been placed in jobs in Australia. These costs are paid up front by the employer and reimbursed later by the worker once they start earning a wage.