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What if I am not eligible for the PALM scheme?
  • The Australian Government acknowledges that while the PALM scheme is a highly valued program that is helping Australian businesses address workforce shortages, it should not be treated as a single solution to meeting the workforce needs of all sectors or employers.
  • The Government has a number of available employment services to assist you with your workforce needs. This includes the Local Jobs Program and Workforce Australia, delivered by DEWR.
  • Under the Local Jobs Program there is an Employment Facilitator in each of the 51 regions that oversees and supports the delivery of the program. You can find the Local Jobs Employment Facilitator in your region on the DEWR website.
  • Employers operating in the horticulture industry in a PALM scheme geographic footprint that is also identified as a Harvest Area can utilise Harvest Trail Services, a free specialised job placement service that links workers (both working holiday makers and Australian job seekers) with seasonal harvest jobs. You can find more information on Harvest Trail services on the DEWR website.