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How is the Australian Government improving the PALM scheme?
  • In addition to the changes announced in the 2023-24 Budget, the Australian Government is implementing its previous commitments aimed at strengthening Australia's Pacific and Timor-Leste partnerships, delivering a comprehensive package of policy reforms to improve and expand the PALM scheme to secure our region and build a stronger Pacific and Timor-Leste family.
  • The government will allow long-term PALM scheme workers to bring their families to Australia in 2024, enable a further 500 PALM scheme workers to complete their aged care certification, and make short term deployments more attractive to Australian employers by reducing the burden of upfront travel costs. The Australian Agriculture Visa program has been relocated under the PALM scheme.
  • The government has committed to improving administration of the scheme, including:
    • reducing red tape for all PALM scheme employers and reviewing administration of the scheme
    • improving workplace standards for PALM scheme workers and implementing recommendations of the Migrant Workers' Taskforce
    • improving consultation with all stakeholders
    • more effectively promoting the scheme in participating countries in cooperation with Pacific and Timor-Leste governments.