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What welfare and wellbeing support is available for workers?
  • A range of measures is in place to protect Pacific and Timor-Leste workers:
    • All PALM scheme employers are vetted and must meet stringent criteria in order to participate. This includes consideration of compliance with Australian workplace relations laws, work health and safety laws, and immigration requirements.
    • The Australian Government has implemented a rigorous monitoring and compliance framework which includes site visits and regular reporting requirements from employers, including analysis of pay data.
    • Monitoring visits can be virtual or in person, announced or unannounced (this includes visiting the worksite or the accommodation site and meeting with workers) and responding to tip-offs on issues.
  • Currently, as a minimum, employers of seasonal workers are required to appoint a welfare and wellbeing support officer who must meet ‘face to face’ at least fortnightly with all workers. The welfare and wellbeing support persons will be located within 300 km radius of each placement of workers.
  • Workers can also access the PALM support service line on (1800 515 131).