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What changes to the PALM scheme were announced in the 2022-23 Federal Budget?
  • The Government is improving and expanding the PALM scheme and delivering an ambitious reform agenda. We are making the scheme more attractive to employers facing workforce shortages and to Pacific and Timor-Leste workers interested in participating in the scheme.
  • The Government will:
    • Allow employers to sponsor PALM scheme workers on long-term placements of between one and 4 years to bring their immediate family to Australia, with additional funding for social supports to ensure PALM scheme families have a positive experience in Australia,
    • Increase investment in training for aged care workers by expanding our existing pilots to support a further 500 workers in 2023 to complete their Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing),
    • Create a more attractive scheme for employers by underwriting upfront travel costs that cannot be recouped from seasonal workers for reasons beyond the employer's control.
    • Incorporate the Australian Agriculture Visa under the PALM scheme to allow more businesses to recruit PALM scheme workers where there are proven workforce shortages.
  • For more information, please read the PALM scheme reforms factsheet [DOCX 126 KB] | PALM scheme reforms factsheet [PDF 152 KB], or the full PALM scheme reforms FAQs [DOCX 396 KB] | PALM scheme reforms FAQs [PDF 343 KB].