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What changes to the PALM scheme were announced in the 2023-24 Federal Budget?
  • The 2023-24 Budget further improves and expands the PALM scheme in line with Australian, Pacific and Timor-Leste aspirations.
  • The government will:
    • strengthen oversight of domestic operations as part of improved support for PALM scheme workers
    • responsibly grow the PALM scheme and better support employers and participating countries
    • support more than 1,000 PALM scheme workers to attain formal qualifications over 4 years
    • increase support to make it easier for PALM scheme workers to access their superannuation savings when they return home
    • provide access to Medicare for an initial 200 families who will participate in the PALM scheme family accompaniment pilot.
  • For more information, please read the PALM scheme reforms factsheet, or the full PALM scheme reforms FAQs.