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I’m a current SWP and/or PLS employer. How will the changes benefit me?

If you are an SWP or PLS employer, you will still be able to recruit Pacific and Timorese workers in seasonal work for up to 9 months or longer-term positions for up to 3 years, subject to signing the relevant Deed of Agreement.

Under the PALM scheme, you may have the option to be mutually recognised under both programs. This means, if you choose to opt in, you can recruit under either the SWP or the PLS, or both.

You will also benefit from the scale-up of worker arrivals between now and March 2022, and expanded access to recruit workers into the agriculture and accommodation sectors.

Current employers will see less red tape – with labour market testing remaining valid for longer periods and SWP recruitment caps doubled for eligible employers. 

For  full list of changes, please read the PALM scheme fact sheet – or for more information on mutual recognition, please read the full mutual recognition FAQs.

PALM scheme fact sheet [PDF 303 KB] | PALM scheme fact sheet [DOCX 207 KB]

Frequently asked questions on mutual recognition [PDF 203 KB] | Frequently asked questions on mutual recognition [DOCX 214 KB]