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  • A woman in a white shirt smiles as she makes a coffee at a bar.
Case study - Skills development program
This resort created a tailored course to help its workers adapt to life in Australia

Situated on the idyllic white sandy shores of Broome, the Cable Beach Club resort wanted to make sure its seasonal workers got the most out of their stay in Australia.

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Tui Leawere says he appreciated the English language training and learning about Australia's culture and history.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and the resort took advantage of the PALM scheme’s skills development program to help its staff find their feet in their new home.

The program helps fund opportunities for workers to develop life skills, as well as training related to their jobs and ongoing employability.

Cable Beach Club teamed up with North Regional TAFE in Western Australia to tailor a course to help the workers adapt to Australian life.

For 4 hours each week over 8 weeks, the 24 participants covered diverse topics such as workplace language skills, health and wellbeing and COVID-19 and Australian culture and history.

"The seasonal workers really valued these topics which were all very relevant to them," said Jaime Ross, Assistant HR Manager at the Cable Beach Club.

"The COVID-19 seminars provided clarity on the virus and the different laws and regulations that were in place and had to be followed. The workers also learned what the virus is and how it affects your body.

"They really loved the Australian history sessions and gained a broader understanding of the country in general."

Seasonal worker Tui Leawere, from Fiji, said he enjoyed learning about life in Australia, as well as getting the chance to improve his English.

"This course has helped me further develop my English language skills and enabled me to access a range of community options for further education and employment, as well as giving me an understanding of the culture, the people and the histories of Australia," he said.

Akisi Marama, also from Fiji, said the training had proved useful in the workplace.

"I really did enjoy the training. I learnt a few new words which allows me to organise my thoughts and communicate them effectively. I also have used the skills in my daily life, especially at the workplace when I interact with guests," she said.

Ms Ross said the training had been so successful the Cable Beach Club would consider running it again for future seasonal workers.

A win-win for employers and workers

The skills development program benefits both workers and employers by improving workers’ technical knowledge and abilities and increasing business productivity.

A woman in a white shirt smiles as she makes a coffee at a bar.
Akisi Marama says the training has proved useful in her daily life.

The program can be delivered flexibly at times that suit the employer and worker, is catered to the demands of each business and industry, and is value for money, with the costs shared between the PALM scheme, the employer and the worker.

There are different funding and cost-sharing arrangements available, depending on the type of training program.

While the program may include formal qualifications or work-related training such as forklift licensing, food safety or chemicals handling, the program can be adapted to include other life  skills such as English language lessons, driving, financial literacy or an introduction to Australian culture.

That was something that appealed to the Cable Beach Club.

These skills can help workers adjust to life in Australia, become more independent and integrate more successfully into local communities.

The program can also provide skills that help workers to reintegrate at home at the end of their contract.

All employers who meet the eligibility criteria and employ Pacific and Timorese workers through the PALM scheme can access funding for the skills development program.

How to apply

PALM scheme employers can apply by using the skills development application form and guide.

For more information, please visit the PALM scheme website or contact the PLF skills development team via email ( or phone (+61 7 3557 7766).