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Can I switch from a PLS or SWP visa to a PALM scheme visa?
  • If you hold a Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa in the SWP stream or PLS stream, and you meet PALM scheme eligibility, then you may apply for and be granted a Subclass 403 visa in the PALM stream long-term visa ONLY. The transfer can be made onshore.
  • The approved employer must still submit a recruitment application as per usual arrangements and notify the PLF that they are recruiting a worker onshore rather than mobilising from a participating country. The PLF will evaluate and confirm that the proposed arrangements comply with the required criteria before the approved employer supports the visa application.
  • If you are a SWP visa holder, you cannot apply for a PALM scheme visa in the seasonal stream, only long term; and all visa holders can only apply for a PALM scheme visa for a total of 4 years in Australia.