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What support do workers receive under the new PALM scheme?

The PALM scheme will continue to deliver strong protections for workers.

Workers participating in the PALM scheme have the same rights and protections as Australian workers. The Fair Work Ombudsman has an important role in providing information and advice about wages and entitlements, and workplace rights and obligations.

In addition, the respective requirements for SWP and PLS employers to provide worker welfare and wellbeing support will continue under the new arrangements.

DESE contract managers and Pacific labour mobility officers will continue to support SWP workers, and the Community Connections initiative will help to create links between workers and their host communities.

The PLF worker welfare team will provide ongoing support to support PLS workers, and country liaison officers will offer assistance and advice for workers in both programs.

Built-in systems are in place to protect workers and regular check-ins are conducted to ensure that workers’ conditions meet the required standards. A 24-hour PALM scheme telephone hotline ensures that workers can receive help and advice whenever they need it. For more information, please visit the worker support page on this website.