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I’m interested in becoming a PALM scheme employer. How will the changes benefit me?

You will benefit from a simplified and more streamlined application approval process, where you will only have to apply once to become a PALM scheme employer.

Once your application is approved, you will be able to recruit under both the SWP for seasonal workers for up to 9 months, and the PLS for longer-term workers for between one and 3 years, rather than having to apply for both programs separately.

Additional flexibilities for new employers include expanding the eligibility criteria to enable more accommodation employers to recruit seasonal workers, removing PLS postcode restrictions for employers in the agriculture sector, and removing the upper age limit of 45 years for PLS workers, among others.

These changes build on the Prime Minister’s commitment to work with Pacific Governments, states and territories to bring an additional 12,500 Pacific workers to Australia by March 2022.

Combined, the measures will deliver immediate improvements, including expanded access to Pacific workers and reduced red tape for new and existing employers.

For a full list of additional flexibilities, please read this document: PALM scheme fact sheet [PDF 303 KB] | PALM scheme fact sheet [DOCX 207 KB].