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I’m currently working in Australia under the SWP/PLS. Will the changes affect my job?

Your current job will not change under the new PALM scheme because your employer will still be operating under the current SWP or PLS agreements.

In some circumstances, the continuation of COVID-19 arrangements allowing workers to move to another employer within the relevant program (e.g., SWP employer to SWP employer) on completion of their contracts may lead to further work opportunities.

Under the PALM scheme, PLS workers who have spent 3 years in Australia as a holder of one or more PLS visas can now apply for a new PLS (subclass 403) visa to remain in Australia for a further 12 months while COVID-19 travel restrictions remain in place.

In addition, a new skills development program will give workers access to training while living and working in Australia, improving their technical skills and knowledge. Please visit the skills development page on this website for more information.

All workers will continue to receive the same protections as other workers under Australia’s workplace laws, as well as the same high level of support that they have received to date. Find out more on the worker support page on this website.