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Family accompaniment pilot - selection process

1. Expression of interest (now closed)

Interested employers were invited to submit an expression of interest (EOI) before Friday 7 June 2024. 

All EOIs will be assessed against the employer eligibility criteria. Only employers assessed as eligible will be able to submit an application at the next stage. To submit an application employers MUST have submitted an EOI.

2. Application (coming soon)

Applications will be open via the family accompaniment pilot - employers page in mid-July 2024. Employers will submit one application via the PALM scheme website and will attach individual worker application forms.

The PALM scheme employer must submit the application. Any applications received directly from workers without employer support will be invalid.

3. Assessment against eligibility criteria

All applications will be assessed against the worker eligibility criteria. 

Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee selection for the pilot as there are limited places available.

4. Assessment against selection criteria

All eligible applications will be considered against a series of selection criteria. The selection criteria cover:

  • access to essential services such as schools, medical facilities and child care
  • availability and affordability of accommodation in the location
  • grouping/clustering families to better facilitate support networks
  • excluding workers identified as a responsible for a critical incident
  • cost of living analysis
  • consideration of employer performance in the PALM scheme
  • access to community and diaspora support networks in the area
  • achieving representation of workers from all participating countries and a mix of industries in the pilot. 

5. Approval

Employers and workers selected to participate in the pilot will be notified by email in August 2024. Applicants that have not been selected will also be notified.

6. Visa process

Family members selected to participate in the pilot will need to apply for visas. Families will work with the family accompaniment coordinator (FAC) in the labour sending unit in their home country to gather the required documentation. The FAC will transmit the documents to the employer. 

The employer will submit the visa applications on behalf of the family members. Workers and family members will be responsible for paying the cost of the visa.