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Family accompaniment eligibility - for employers

What are the eligibility criteria for the pilot?

The first round of the family accompaniment pilot
is open to long-term workers from Kiribati and
Timor-Leste, and the application process will be open from 26 January to 23 February 2024.

To be considered for the pilot there are eligibility criteria that
the worker, the family, and the employer will
need to meet. Eligible workers will need the agreement from their employer to participate in the program.


Checklist - eligible employers must:

  1. be operating under new PALM scheme deed/guidelines
  2. have been employing PALM scheme workers as a direct employer for a minimum of 18 months*
  3. not have had any serious breach, or multiple lesser breaches, of the deed and guidelines, or suspension from recruiting in the last 24 months (unless the employer has been in operation for less than 24 months, in which instance the case will be assessed individually)
  4. not be subject to a current investigation into potential serious breaches of the deed and guidelines or compliance with relevant Australian laws, such as the Fair Work Act or Work Health and Safety Act
  5. have a record of appropriately managing worker incidents and meeting deed reporting requirements/timeframes
  6. ensure supported employees have suitable services (e.g. accommodation, transport, schools, health services, community support) nearby so the family can have a positive experience in Australia. 

*If you are unsure whether you meet this criteria, you can check in PALMIS, or call the PALM Support Service Line to confirm. 

Please note: meeting all these criteria does not guarantee selection for the pilot, as there are limited places available.

Additional employer obligations

If you choose to participate in the family accompaniment pilot, you will be subject to additional obligations under the deed and guidelines. These will be formalised in an Annexure to the guidelines.

You will have to:

  • submit the visa application on behalf of accompanying family members
  • report the arrival of family members, and if any family member did not arrive as expected and why (if known)
  • provide details of the PALM scheme support service phone number (1800 51 51 31) to families on arrival
  • notify the nominated contact point as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after becoming aware of any serious incident involving a family member (i.e. death, serious injury or illness resulting in hospital treatment, criminal matters including arrest or as a victim of crime, family violence, or a child protection matter)
  • assist the worker to identify and secure suitable accommodation for a family prior to the family arriving in Australia. This is limited to non-financial support such as providing real estate agent contact details, support shortlisting properties suitable for a family and providing a reference for any rental applications. It will be the responsibility of the worker to secure accommodation prior to the family arriving in Australia
  • extend availability of the onshore worker departure briefing to the worker’s partner/spouse before they return home if they wish to participate.

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